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MesoMorph Fit – Leading the Way to a Fitter Adelaide

We truly believe that movement, proper nutrition, recovery and mindset are vital areas that we MUST focus on to live out long healthy lives.

MesoMORPH’s amazing facility caters for everyone, from young to old and from beginner to athlete.

Whatever your purpose or goal, we WILL be with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve it.

3 Steps to a Healthier YOU!

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Leigh Ward
Leigh WardHead Coach
Leigh is an owner and head coach of MesoMorph Crossfit. He brings a great amount of experience to the gym having worked in the fitness industry since 2016, having run a successful PT business.

He truly believes whatever your fitness goals may be, he can help you achieve them.

Along with the other coaches at MesoMorph Crossfit, he aims to provide the best coaching experience possible.

Mat Barker
Mat BarkerPersonal Trainer
Mat’s unrivaled enthusiasm for all things training truly shows through his passion and determination in helping each and every one of his clients reach all time highs!


“I have been training with Kevin for a couple of years now. Kevin has constantly helped me out with setting new goals both in the gym and at home. His passion, enthusiasm and professionalism has definitely made the long journey 1 to be remembered.”
– Shane Cameron

“I started my fitness journey with Kev in 2010. I was overweight, had ongoing injuries and very poor mobility. Kevin taught me alot and help me to become a healthier and fitter person.”
– Nikki Russel

“I had always just trained with mates, or PT’s that just chucked me on pin machines and treadmills. Kev changed the way I view a coach or trainer BIG TIME. His focus on mobility & technique make all the difference”
– Joshua Ballard

“Kevin Slater is the life of any party, and trust me – you want that in a PT when you are struggling through Fran or Grace. Kevin became my Personal Trainer in 2010 and has continued to coach me for the past 7 years. I started off wanting to lose my ‘puppy fat’, had cripplingly low self esteem and lacked any form of discipline regarding my nutrition. With Kevin’s in depth knowledge and dedication to me as his client, I reached goals I had set for myself quite quickly. However, his continual support, brutal honesty and encouragement has kept me coming back for the past 7 years. As Kev is so focused on functional movement and always aware on what is best for different bodies, I have never injured myself since training with him. Kev cares about his clients and practices what he preaches; he takes so much pride in his work and the environment he creates; he is not just another PT or coach. He taught me to take care of my body, to be disciplined and to actually value myself as a human being; not just the facade of what we look like.”
– Tara Baron


The Gym is decked out with brand new equipment from AlphaFit, with each piece being hand selected by our coaches to ensure a perfect training experience each and every time!

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