We pride ourselves on the quality of our MESOMORPHFIT coaches and believe that in order to deliver one of our sessions you must walk the walk, be passionate, resilient & value integrity.

With this belief system practiced & preached you can trust that your experience will be one of a kind.

Meet the Coaches of MESOMORPHFIT

Mat Barker
Mat BarkerFounder, Coach
It was always going to happen, Mat was always going to get his own thing started. He is definitely excited to have found a group of eager partners to launch this Gym.
Leigh Ward
Leigh WardFounder, Coach
Leigh fell in love with CrossFit for the sheer intensity of the workouts and the way they push him until he literally has nothing left to give.
Ashley Pooley
Ashley PooleyFounder, Coach
Ashley is a furiously passionate CrossFitter and part of what she is looking forward to most is knowing that she can help to build a truly supportive and encouraging community here at MesoMorph.
Jacob Wheeler
Jacob WheelerCoach
Jake has been Crossfit obsessed since 2015 and coaching has been a passion of his since day one. He absolutely loves seeing people succeed in anything they’re trying to achieve and found that the gym environment was where his passion was met.