We are a results driven gym that prides ourselves on creating a welcoming and supportive community
that is pushing for the common goal of living a fit & healthy life.

We offer 3 dynamic classes that cater for the absolute beginner to a 6 day a week warrior.

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We Offer 3 Epic Classes to Choose From


Is a 1 hour bang for your buck style workout. It is the perfect combination of prehabilitation protocols, Strength training, Weightlifting, Body weight/Gymnastics based movements and various energy system conditioning made to test your general physical preparedness.

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MVMNT (45 mins)

We created this session for the individual that wants to move with intent and sweat hard!
You will see a lot of body weight movements, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Various cardio machines and epic team based workouts carefully crafted into a time efficient 45 mins.