There can often seem to be a myriad of different fitness regimes out there, each one making various promises and statements according to their brand.

When we decided it was time for us to band together and open a gym, we decided that we would become a CrossFit affiliated gym, not just for the brand recognition or the fact that it was a set system for us to attach to.

We decided to affiliate with CrossFit because we believe in it… its that simple.

Our members are coming from a mixture of background, some having trained in CrossFit before and others who have not even really trained at all in the past.

Lets take some time and try to understand exactly what CrossFit is, as it is more than this gym (or Box as we call them).

How Long has CrossFit Been Around

CrossFit was conceived in 1996 by Greg Glassman and his wife Lauren Jenai, it was then incorporated and expanded in the year 2000.

By 2005 there were 13 CrossFit Gyms (Boxes) in total.

Fast track to today and there is now over 13,000 boxes all around the world, with 565 in Australia alone!


What is CrossFit All About?

In short CrossFit is a system of fitness that focusses on functional movements that are performed with high intensity.

There is a very strong emphasis on these movements being functional in the greatest sense of the word, there are no bicep curls that will achieve almost nothing in day to day life and greater fitness overall.

In order to be functional each session focusses on:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Natural Movement
  • Posture

This is then followed with the elements that make it high intensity such as:

  • cardiovascular fitness
  • strength

CrossFit is all about being the best functioning and fittest YOU that is possible.

Most Importantly CrossFit is a Community

We train as a group, we persevere as a group and we keep each other motivated as we all step towards greatness.

Most gym goers have more than likely experienced the flaky gym partner that spends more time practicing their excuses for why they should skip the workout today (or this week), this doesn’t happen with CrossFit.

Each session that we run is filled with members who all want to be there and all understand the importance of training as a team.

This is not one of those gyms where you go to train alone whilst you are surrounded by others who are all in their own bubble.

Community Across Multiple Levels

Not only are you part of your immediate community within your local box, you are also part of the larger CrossFit community here within Adelaide, within Australia and in the world as a whole.

With local events between each of the clubs here in Adelaide, you will have a chance to represent your box in a head to head against some other locals.

CrossFit also has an online system in which you can track and benchmark your progress against other CrossFitters across the entire planet!

You can read all about CrossFit online, watch YouTube videos, read articles and generally remain seated. Or you can get out to the Box for a session and see for yourself what a seriously fun and uplifting workout CrossFit can be!